Releasing your potential in a cookie-cutter world view

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An older woman boarded the bus the other day. She sported long, mostly grey hair that had bloomed out into a wild, frizzy, undefined triangular shape. As a fellow curly haired girl, I could see the curl potential. My fingers itched to show her how to tame a frizzy mass into shiny, defined curls. I was once like her and had spent my youth straightening and taming the chaos.

Curly hair gals know that curls take work and we follow a routine that is different from conventional methods. Wash less often, condition lots, use the right products and never touch…

This is not another how-to article

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It was late in the afternoon. The empty dishes piled up on the kitchen counter. Seated at the dining room table, I stared at the blank page on my iPad, Apple Pencil in hand. It was time to create. Time to do something that I could post online and hopefully attract readers. Minutes ticked by as each line was quickly erased and hope of sparking inspiration was becoming sparse.

No such luck. Flow was damming up; each stroke more childish than the last. …

Retelling the stories behind the events

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My daughter is binge watching Criminal Minds. The internal process that motivates criminal behaviour intrigues her. As a fan, I also gleaned lots of “aha” moments too.

One recent episode told the story of an Unsub, aka “Unknown Subject” for the non Criminal Minds fans, who derived pleasure from inflicting pain on others and savouring that pain. …

Creative solutions to your life choices

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I had hoped to skip the gene but, oh no, I found myself telling the “when I was a kid” stories. No, I didn’t have to walk 6 miles to school barefoot, in a snowstorm and all the other stories the grownups rehash but I swear the stories get more embellished every time. Just saying.

I grew up on a small island. One of the many that formed a half sphere that lovingly rimmed the shimmering Caribbean Sea. Air travellers, fortunate enough to book a tropical vacation, were treated to the sight of jewel tone hues of teal greens, lagoon…

Relevant insights that are still valid today

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“Happiness is not a goal…it is a byproduct of a life well lived.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

It has been said, although I don’t remember by whom, that there is nothing new under the sun. From the wisdom of the ancient philosophers to modern day gurus, man has thirsted for insight that will give a little more meaning to his and life in general.

On a recent quest, I came across a list of quotes made famous by First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. …

It’s all a mind game

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Rejection is a tough pill to swallow no matter what form it shows up in. And it shows up a lot.

Recently, my name was removed from a publication I had contributed several articles to. I had liked writing for them. Ownership had changed and I guessed that my style no longer suited the direction that the publication was going.

The old me would have been mortally hurt. Insecurities would have flared as I questioned myself worth/talent as a person or writer. Bitterness would have ensued as I remunerated where I had gone wrong. Strategized on what I could do…

How to have a five star experience and others tips

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“Who you’re meant to be evolves from where you are right now. So learning to appreciate your lessons, mistakes, and setbacks as stepping-stones to the future is a clear sign you’re moving in the right direction.” — Oprah Winfrey

I am a fan of Oprah Winfrey. Not one to watch a lot of talk shows, I loved her down to earth, candid, nature. She spoke her mind and treated others with respect.

Recently, I was enjoying one of her older books, What I Know for Sure. In it, she openly regaled readers with the lessons that helped shaped her life…

Stop living your life with a Best Before date

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“For sure we live in a youth-obsessed culture that is constantly trying to tell us that if we are not young and glowing and “hot,” we don’t matter. But I refuse to buy into such a distorted view of reality. And I would never lie about or deny my age. To do so is to contribute to a sickness pervading our society — the sickness of wanting to be what you’re not.” — Oprah Winfrey, What I Know for Sure.

She leaned over the sales counter and whispered to me, “Do you know how old I am?”

I was showing…

They know they have a choice

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A kid was wailing in the mall. His hysterical screams assaulting any eardrums that were unlucky enough to be within earshot. As I tidied up the wall bay I was currently working at, I turned to my work colleague and sighed, “I am so glad that stage of my life is over. I don’t think I could do it again.”

Quizzically, she looked at me as I directed her attention to the unhappy child.

“Me, neither,” she agreed. “Especially, when parents bring their children into the store, then let them run around unsupervised.”

We could both recount many hell-spawn stories…

Dale Swackhammer

Brain Injury survivor, blogger, writer and chocoholic. Sharing bits of wisdom to inspire change for good.

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